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Motivating Creative That Drives Purchasing Behavior Lisa Freeman & Tom Klug $39.99


In this webinar Lisa Freeman and Tom Klug demonstrate a variety of ways that data can be used to create successful marketing efforts that either motivate the target audience to increase their spending on current products or services, or cross over to others. Additionally, Lisa and Tom demonstrate how data can be interpreted in a variety of ways to increase the effectiveness of creative.

Speaker Profile:

Lisa Freeman

Vice President of Client Relations
CFM Direct

In her role, Lisa collaborates with prospects and clients in developing marketing objectives and translating these strategies into effective marketing campaigns. She also manages creative, database management, and Internet programs. Having substantial experience in agencies and on the client side, Lisa is adept at converting marketing strategy into response-oriented programs. Her career has included working with industry leaders such as Fleet Credit Card Services, AT&T, MCI and HBO.

Tom Klug

Vice President of Creative Services
CFM Direct

Tom Klug owned and operated his own design studio for 10 years prior to coming onboard with CFM Direct in 1996. While primarily acting as Creative Director for his own business, Tom found a niche in desktop publishing early in the development of that industry. This specialty lead Tom to opportunities as a consultant, trainer and presenter on electronic design for clients like Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, Allstate and Kraft Foods.

Tom initiated the Creative Services department as a team of one by establishing a network of key independent consultants. Today, Creative Services has grown into 3 teams in Chicago and Philladelphia serviceing clients like Fleet Bank, Sears, Fifth Third Bank and Copper Mountain Resort.

Tom's primary function as Vice President consists of nurturing and developing the department's staff, culture and growth with an emphasis on delivering the highest quality creative solutions. He is also working on CFMs strategic and new business opportunities.