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Acquisition Direct Marketing Case Studies: DATA & WEB ENABLED CAMPAIGN EXECUTION Steve Scruton $39.99


Join Steve Scruton as he provides three case studies where companies used data and web enabled technologies to acquire new customers. In each case, Steve identifies the problem, the solution and the business wins. His insight into each case provides a great learning experience.

Speaker Profile:

Steve Scruton

Founder and President
Direxxis, Inc.

As President and Founder of Direxxis, Inc., an integrated direct marketing application provider, Steve is responsible for all operations of the Massachusetts based enterprise. Leveraging web based application technology, Direxxis, Inc. creates an easy to use end-to-end direct marketing portal.

Most recently as a Principal and Co-Founder of Marketing Information & Technology, Inc. (MITI), Steve succeeded in transforming a small data business into a $30 million database marketing leader. In 2001 Steve and his partner completed a successful sale of the business to publicly held ChoicePoint Inc. (NYSE: CPS). Steve was part of the new entity that was created as a result of the transaction, ChoicePoint Precision Marketing (CPPM), and managed a large part of the integration efforts. In his role at CPPM his responsibilities extended beyond the scope of operations and sales for MITI. He led the sales organization for the CPPM group of services including Data, Database, Processing, Analytics, Teleservices and Print.

During his career in the data/database marketing industry for 13 years, Steve has developed strategic relationships with some of the largest players in the marketing industry across Direct Marketers, Data Providers, Database Vendors, Software Providers, Analytic Companies and Credit Providers. He has over ten years of credit-based experience, beginning with Trans Union Corporation, where he served as National Director of Sales prior to joining MITI. In his role at CPPM, and also at Trans Union, Steve developed a strong background in credit card, retail banking, high tech, finance and insurance database marketing applications. He has developed large-scale prospecting and customer solutions for some of the largest High-Tech, Financial, Telecommunications, Insurance and Banking companies in the direct marketing space. Steve has published white papers and has had featured content in every national direct marketing publication and maintains several industry board level positions.