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Using Words to Drive Direct Marketing: The Essentials of DM Copywriting Tom Freeman $39.99


Tom Freeman shares his insights of many years of copywriting to differentiate how you should communicate based on the medium used. He shares that words on paper are different than words on the web and that these all differ from words used in speeches. In this webinar, Tom shares how to effectively write about your business in several formats. This is an entertaining and enlightening look at how to use the written word.

Speaker Profile:

Tom Freeman

Target Outsource Marketing, Inc.

For over twenty five years, Tom has been a business owner and professional communicator - a copywriter, print and Web designer, video and music producer, and trade show owner/operator. Starting out in broadcast journalism, Tom has written and produced over 2,000 live, syndicated and cable TV programs, delivering over 600 on-camera.

Tom's marketing communications clients have included Data University, Wheaton Group, MarketTouch, The 1996 Summer Olympic Games, AMOCO, General Electric-Mobile, Texaco, General Motors-Chevrolet Division, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, USDOT/NHTSA, The Commonwealth of Virginia, Tastee Freez, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Wendy's, B&W Nuclear Technologies, FloraFax International, The American Rafting Association, Ryan Homes, Eskimo Pie, CytRx Pharmaceuticals, BioPool, BuyPass, AgriShield, A&P Stores, Southern States Cooperative, Agway, Gold Kist and many others. Tom's creative products, all driven by his writing, have won international competitions and best-of-show awards.

As a joint venture partner with a team of securities professionals, Tom researched, created and produced nine promotional video, slide and PowerPoint "road shows" with printed collateral materials to help generate over $220,000,000.00 in the US, Europe and Pacific Rim. This resulted in nine successful IPOs, PPOs & Reg. Ds., in finance, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, high tech machinery, voice/data/video fiber systems for telecommunications, broad-spectrum agricultural chemicals, client/server wireless telecommunications software and services, EFT/POS payment systems, financial products and sports training systems and equipment.

Under contract to IBM, Tom researched, created and produced nine video management training courses, with sales training courseware, in nine languages for global distribution. Tom did the research, scripting, design, field production, script translation management, editing, assembly and supervised distribution to support new software and hardware product offerings, sales campaigns and management restructuring initiatives.