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Customer Intelligence Systems and Their Marketing Applications Jonas Berlin $39.99


Join Jonas Berlin as he defines CRM and details the process behind the application. Jonas provides detail into the challenges confronting CRM applications and shares examples of successful CRM applications. Additionally, he shares how his concept of the CRM Enterprise Solution should be implemented. Finally, Jonas walks you through the CRM Maturity Model defining the strategy, operations, intelligence and technology within each phase.

Speaker Profile:

Jonas Berlin

Chief Architect
Product & Systems Development

Jonas Berlin is the chief architect for Harte-Hanks Data Technologies and specializes in building end-to-end solutions in the sales and marketing area for B2C as well as B2B corporations. Jonas brings with him 15 years of experience as an implementer and architect designing and implementing high performance data processing systems and business intelligence solutions, both as a consultant and in a product development setting.

Before joining Harte-Hanks Jonas was the chief architect and director of the enterprise architecture practice at DiaLogos, a consulting company delivering CRM solutions to Fortune 500 corporations and e-businesses.

Jonas started his career at Thinking Machines Corporation were he worked on general high performance computing and developed the Darwin toolset, a pioneering product in the field of data mining, which was sold to Oracle Corporation.

Jonas received his Ph. D. in statistical physics from Florida State University and the Supercomputer Computations Research Institute, and his M. Sc. in applied physics and electrical engineering from Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden.