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The Truth About Marketing Applications Alvin Collins $39.99


In this presentation, Alvin shares the more objective side of marketing applications including business intelligence and campaign management tools. Subject areas will include the skill sets required for both users and administrators during the implementation. For the ongoing expansion of development, Alvin details what skills will be needed and how organizations can elect to have their applications implemented.

Speaker Profile:

Alvin Collins

Marketing Applications Lead

ChoicePoint Precision Marketing

Alvin brings to ChoicePoint a strong background in information technology, network infrastructure, and Campaign Management design and implementation. As an Oracle and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, as well as a seasoned Campaign Management Implementer, Alvin understands both the front and back ends of Campaign Management and Business Intelligence solutions. With his eight years of technical background, Alvin is invaluable in helping tie existing corporate software and process with new, emerging technologies such as Campaign Management and Business Intelligence tools

Alvin's diverse skill set draws from years as a marketing consulting. In the four years prior to joining ChoicePoint, Alvin designed, installed, and successfully rolled out Unica Affinium based Campaign Management solutions at numerous companies ranging from financial institutions such as Wells Fargo and KeyBank to Travel and Leisure institutions such as Intrawest and Robert Mondavi.