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Marketing To Communities Randy Hlavac $39.99


Communities are different than market segments. Community members can tell you which communities they are part of, segment members cannot. How are you maximizing communities in your business? Today, markets consist of dynamic communities form by individuals based on common needs, wants, and inches. In this webinar, Randy Hlavac discusses how to implement community marketing strategies. Randy discusses how segmentation as we know it is dead, and relationships are much broader than currently defined. He will share that marketing models are evolving where the marketing goal is to become the trusted gateway to relevant communities.

Speaker Profile:

Randy Hlavac

Founder and Principal
Marketing Synergy, Inc.

Founded in 1990, Marketing Synergy is a market consulting company specializing in marketing analytics. Marketing Synergy assists companies in turning data into information to value markets, drive high impact relationship and acquisition marketing programs, and create marketing database systems to continually measure individuals and define & measure key target markets. Marketing Synergy employs 5 consultants located throughout the country and focuses on both B-2-B and B-2-C marketing companies.

Prior to starting MSI, Randy was Director of Marketing Research Services at MetroMail where he created the Data Mining group in Chicago. Prior to MetroMail, Randy was director of marketing research at TRW Target Marketing Services and was an assistant vice-president of database marketing at Mutual of Omaha.

In addition to managing Marketing Synergy, Randy is also a 10-year Adjunct Professor of Integrated Marketing at Northwestern University and is a frequent speaker for the CADM, the DMA, DePaul University, Columbia University, and the NCDM.