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Real Time Bidding -- An Overview Michael Ouellette $39.99


There has been a significant shift in the world of digital display advertising. Marketers now have the tools and ability to purchasing advertising based the individual impression and not in bulk. Publishers can place their unsold ad inventory in massive digital auctions, ensuring a higher monetization rate on all impressions. Michael provides an in-depth look at Real Time Bidding and how a new programmatic approach to advertising is changing everything.

Speaker Profile:

Mike is President of haystagg's North America division, bringing over 17 years of digital media experience. He has held leadership positions in organizations addressing a broad spectrum of digital media including display, mobile and affiliate marketing. Mike came to haystagg from Chitika, where as Head of RTB he led the organizationís real time media trading division. Prior to Chitika, Mike was VP of Audience Development at OwnerIQ where he helped build a data division for real time ad targeting.