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Lost and Found -- Turning Site Visitors from Deserters to Converters John Ardis $39.99


Today’s retail online consumers can be categorized broadly into three different categories – Site Deserters, Shopping Cart Deserters and Converters. John Ardis provides a deep dive into why consumers desert once they click on your website. He further explains the difference between same session and delayed conversions. Then he provides insight into how using behavioral marketing can enhance your conversion rate and keep consumers shopping on your site longer. John details behavioral marketing while providing behavioral sweet spots and behavioral targeting applications for site deserters, cart deserters and converters/current customers. Additionally, John shares how multi-dimensional targeting, dynamic messaging and sequenced messaging are used to drive conversion. John sums up the webinar three case studies to drive the point home that targeting applications and, in some cases, advanced applications are necessary to drive consumer conversions on your website, which ultimately helps accomplish your corporate sale objectives.

Speaker Profile:

John Ardis joined ValueClick in March 2000 and serves as vice president of corporate strategy, where he is responsible for the development and management of strategic clients, as well as for the development of integrated client solutions across all of ValueClick's various businesses. From March 2000 to July 2001 Mr. Ardis served as ValueClick's vice president of marketing and managed the Company's public relations, advertising/promotions, and market research initiatives. Prior to joining ValueClick, Mr. Ardis gained more than eleven years of data-driven direct marketing experience with database marketing firm Customer Development Corporation - now ChoicePoint Precision Marketing - where he held vice president and managing director positions and was responsible for client development and management, as well as being involved in corporate strategy. Mr. Ardis has spoken on a variety of topics regarding online and offline data-driven marketing at events such as the Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference and iMedia Brand Summit, as well as a number of regional events and Wall Street investor conferences. Mr. Ardis hold a bachelors degree from the University of Illinois.