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Best Practices in Customer Journey Mapping Anne Cramer $39.99


This webinar will highlight the ins and outs of Customer Journey Mapping from the perspective of 15+ years of experience building maps across a wide variety of industries. It details a practical, proven methodology that yields not only a comprehensive journey map, but also the necessary inputs and outputs of the mapping process – all leading to customer-driven business value.

Speaker Profile:

Anne is a 15-year veteran of Customer Experience Management (CEM) consulting and implementation, and is one of the world’s foremost experts on Customer Journey Mapping. She has deep expertise in creating and implementing data-driven, customer-centric business strategies across a wide variety of industries.

Anne is a Partner at East Bay Group and Co-Founder of suitecx®, a software platform based on a proven customer experience methodology. Each tool on the platform represents years of perfecting diagnostic, visualization and planning processes.

Anne’s passion lies in finding and replicating best practices all over the world. She believes that all clients can learn from other successful organizations regardless of size, business model or country of origin. Her focus on detail and strong writing skills enable her to produce insightful and relatable content across the spectrum of marketing and CEM topics.

Anne lives in San Francisco with her dog, Ruby. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations, attained a Master of Arts in International Development from the American University, and received her MBA from Cornell University with an emphasis on customer relationship management.