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Developing a Creative Strategic Plan Greg Bruner $39.99


Join Greg Bruner as he shares that success is not a matter of luck. Greg details what you need for a successful marketing campaign: The Correct Elements of the Offer, Quantifying Your Objective, and Identification of the Market Situation. Greg shares examples of how these components were brought together into successful campaigns.

Speaker Profile:

Greg Bruner

Senior Vice President
Michael Edwards Direct

Greg Bruner has spent over 20 years building direct marketing businesses. And though hešs considered a pre-eminent talent within the insurance and financial services industry, his experience also spans such varied industries as consumer goods, entertainment, and hospitality.

In his years serving the marketing needs of his diverse clients, Greg has found that the most important aspect of most direct marketing programs is also the most often overlooked that is, offer development and product positioning. After all, even the greatest product in the world will likely falter if its offer isnšt compelling enough, or if its position in the marketplace is misaligned. While this especially applies to insurance and financial services, it also applies to bicycles and hotels.

Perhaps most importantly, Greg understands from the inside, the constraints and challenges that marketing professionals face today. Thatšs most likely why hešs been so successful helping clients achieve and exceed their marketing goals with Michael Edwards Direct.

Positions Held

Montgomery Ward Life Insurance Company Vice-President, Life and Health Marketing

Old American Insurance Company Vice-President, Direct Sales and Creative Support

Industry Council Leadership and Titles

Financial Services Council of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Past Chairman

Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Trustee

Kansas City Direct Marketing Association Direct Marketer of the Year